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Problem: Global warming, solution: Electronic music

A, March 23, 2020, in Hidalgo Michoacán, Mx.

Farren, a Mexican producer, seeks to create a balance in the global ecosystem with his "Raveforest" initiative, which consists of donating royalty funds obtained from his musical works to projects such as "Dronecoria", an aerial reforestation project.

To start this project, Farren premieres his new single "Te Vi" this March 27 on his platform for a limited time from March 27 to 30. The single will be limited to 300 downloads, since it contains an unpublished version that cannot be found on any digital platform in addition to the two original versions of the single and some other gifts.

The Raveforest initiative consists of donating 50% of profits from download sales to the project, a technological project that through ecological drones and pelletized seeds is rebuilding ecosystems.

Until April 11 "Te vi" premieres on digital platforms such as spotify or apple music among many others. Do you want to join this cause? ... You are on time.

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